Arrow Leadership Philippines is here!

You are in the midst of your ministry – and you are loving it.

You are learning life-lessons that were not taught in the seminary, or in college. You are getting there. Congratulations!

But do you feel that you want to explore more, learn more, and be more effective in your growth and development as a ministry leader?

Do you desire to be guided and mentored in some areas in your life and ministry so that you become who God intended you to be?

Are you looking for a network of mentoring relationships that can hone not only your ministry skills, but also your character as a leader?

If you are a leader between the age of 25-40 years old, you are in the process of learning key life and ministry lessons and skills that will become important ingredient designed to make you the most effective leader: a leader that ministers out of your being.

Arrow Leadership, Philippines is here to help.

To know more about us, you can download our brochure. Click on this: arrow leadership brochure programs1

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