About Us

Investing in Leaders

Arrow Leadership Philippines is the premier Christian provider of training for emerging and mature leaders. Our passion and purpose is to identify proven Christian leaders who have a clear calling by God and to significantly and intentionally invest in their lives.

At Arrow we facilitate development and learning that transforms the lives of tomorrow’s leaders today, and shapes how they are able to transform the context of their work/vocation through their ministry and mission.

A network of international training centers in Europe, Canda, United States of America, Africa and Australia, Arrow Leadership has been impacting and contributing to leadership development worldwide.


For the first time, Arrow Leadership is going to offer its world-class leadership development program in the Philippines beginning November, 2014.

About Us

Since 1991, the Arrow Leadership Program has been actively engaged in Christian leadership development; helping leaders to grow from the inside out. We have seen how strategically investing in a Christian leader, transforms that leader and their community.


Arrow looks for leaders who are at a tipping-point in life, where a strategic investment in their character, calling, and competency, can have a significant and lasting impact for the Kingdom. We strive to develop leaders who are led more by Jesus, who lead more like Jesus, and who lead more to Jesus.

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