The Arrow Leadership Program is a world-class Christian leadership development program that includes residential learning experiences, practical leadership training, 360 degree assessment feedback, a personalized leadership development plan, life-changing mentoring relationships, on-going academic education, and more.


Emerging Leader Program

This is a 2-year course designed to develop emerging Christian leaders. Arrow focuses on areas that make a positive difference to their leadership. This leadership training is designed for proven Christian leaders, 25 to 40 years old, who have been serving for a minimum of 3-5 years in Christian churches, ministries, or the not-for-profit arena.

The Emerging Leader Stream focuses primarily on personal, pastoral and ministry leadership and will help leaders to understand God’s unique calling for their life and ministry, cultivate a greater depth of character, and develop critical competencies for relevant, authentic leadership and evangelism.

A Journey in Community
Over Time


The Emerging Leader Program of the Arrow Leadership is a 24 month journey in community over time with four five-day on-site residential learning experiences combined with monthly local mentoring, peer mentoring in a small group context, several on-line learning experiences with classmates and practical readings and assignments.


Learning Outcomes


Arrow Leadership’s multi-level leadership development strategy is applied in the Emerging Leader stream of the Arrow Leadership Program to achieve the following learning outcomes: calling, character and competence.


  • Discern God’s Vision For Your Life – Discern, sharpen, cultivate and implement God’s unique vision for your life and ministry.
  • Identify Priorities and Establish a Sustainable Pace – Identify key life and ministry priorities, establish a clear action plan and sustainable pace to steward your impact.
  • A Vibrant Ambassador – Re-ignite your heart passion for ‘normal’ people and re-focus on being a vibrant ambassador for Jesus in a wholistic life context that combines word and deed.
  • Grow As A Global Christian – Be captured by God’s heart for the world and learn how to inspire momentum for mobilizing others for world mission involvement.


  • Being A Follower First – Focus on Jesus’ powerful model for servant leadership.
  • Caring For Your Soul – Establish practical approaches to caring for your own soul through a disciplined life of dependent communion with God and co-operation with the Holy Spirit in His ministry.
  • Increase Self-Awareness – More deeply discover how God has uniquely wired you, how your strengths can be maximized and how to identify as well as manage growth areas.
  • Identify and Break Free of Obstacles – Identify and address obstacles that are holding you back from your full potential.
  • Guard Your Character – Recognize risk factors and develop prevention principles for ministry burnout or ethical/moral fallout.
  • Strengthen Key Relationships – Formulate a biblical, realistic and practical perspective on healthy friendships, marriages and family priorities.
  • Go Deep With Mentors – Cultivate a complete constellation of mentoring relationships for your personal development and multiplication in the lives of others.
  • Grow A More Compassionate Heart – Model Christ’s heart of compassion for all of society with sensitivity, authenticity and practical action including social justice and racial reconciliation.


  • Manage Yourself – Focus on practical leadership skills like time management, delegation, prioritization, and decision making.
  • Skills to Navigate Conflict – Learn conflict style and how to respond to difficult people and situations redemptively.
  • Be A Change Leader – Learn practical approaches to personally navigate change and lead healthy change in your team/organization.
  • Grow The People Around You – Harness best practices and practical tools for developing, growing and investing in the lives and leadership of others.
  • Best Practices for Self-Care – Ensure best practices for self-care – including stewardship of physical health.
  • Confident and Creative Communications – Confidently and creatively communicate the gospel with simplicity, relevance and power.
  • Effective Church Leadership – Establish a biblical approach to the Church’s critical Kingdom role in the midst of this season of significant change.

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